GoldBullionReview was created by dedication bullion investors with decades of trading behind them, as well as years of experience with the biggest online retailers. We know what’s what in this industry and our goal is to help investors learn more and to invest more intelligently as a result.

GoldBullionReview is run by a team of webmasters, editors and writers, all of which share one thing in common: a passion for bullion. We are all investors and between us we cover every style, from the large scale investor who seeks to sink most of his money in spot-price bullion bars, to the small scale investor who prefers occasional bullion coins. This wide range ensures that we have an expert to cover every topic. It also means that there are many different investors to consult when we make predictions about the future of gold, silver and other commodities.

Honest content

GoldBullionReview is a content site like no other, because its purpose is not to provide a biased “review” of bullion sites and point you in the direction of the ones that pay the biggest commissions. We think that honesty is always the best policy, so we don’t fill our site with transparent or heavily biased reviews: all of the evaluations you will find on GoldBullionReview are honest and genuine.

We also make sure that we only affiliate with the very best sites out there. In fact, in creating GoldBullionReview we turned down memberships to dozens of dealers, based both nationally and internationally, focusing instead on the ones that we have used ourselves, the ones that have a solid reputation within this industry and the ones that we think will be of use to our readers.

We know that readers tend to look at bad reviews before they look at good ones. So it never makes sense to focus only on the worthy points in the hope that this will lead to more commissions. In our mind, it always makes more sense to be honest, to mention the cons as well as the pros, and to treat our readers like our closest friends. We wouldn’t give them disingenuous advice, so we wouldn’t give you such advice either.

In that sense, GoldBullionReview is like a close friend that keeps you informed on the latest products and services, and that has always been our aim.

What you will find on

GoldBullionReview is a content site. We do not sell a product or a service and we focus 100% on providing advice and reviews. We try to add content every day and you will find all of the following content here:

  • Reviews: GoldBullionReview contains evaluations of the best and the worst bullion dealers out there. These dealers are not in short supply and for every area of this industry, from physical bullion to numismatics and bullion storage, there seem to be dozens if not hundreds of different dealers. We can’t review all of these, but we select the best of them and focus on the things that we love and hate about them, while also giving advice on ways that you can get more out of them.
  • Articles: The bullion industry is constantly changing, so at GoldBullionReview, we try to keep track. Our writers are also keeping a close eye on the latest trends and movements and we try to write about these when we can, covering everything you need to know while also offering our opinions on them.
  • Advice: We have a lot of experience and a lot of opinions about what works and what doesn’t, and about where the future of certain commodities lie. We understand that everyone has their own opinion but we try to use our experience and knowledge to deliver these in a way that is helpful and not biased or forced.

GoldBullionReview is an affiliate site that aims to blow a breath of fresh air into an industry that is stagnant, sterile and fake. We want to do things a little differently, to provide you with the why’s, the how’s and the where’s that can help you to make the right choices.

So, feel free to take a look around our site and if you need anything, if you have something to say or ask, we’d love to hear from you. You can contact us on: