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The purpose of

GoldBullionReview is a content site that was designed to inform, advise and enlighten those interested in bullion investment. This site does not sell a product or a service and at no point will it request money from its users. However, the same cannot be said for the affiliates linked herein. It is from these links that GoldBullionReview is able to make a profit and to stay afloat, but because GoldBullionReview does not have any affiliation with these sites beyond a simple commission scheme, we cannot be held responsible for anything that happens to a user once they leave this website for one of those affiliates.


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GoldBullionReview believes in providing content that is unique, content that was created exclusively for use on this website. Everything on GoldBullionReview, from the written content to the images, logos and layouts, was either created exclusively for GoldBullionReview or was taken from the public domain.

We believe that original content provides our users with a better experience, one that they cannot find anywhere else. As a result of our dedication to originality, we ask that our readers pay us the same respect. If any content is taken from this site and used elsewhere without our express permission, we may take legal action. That includes, but is not limited to, written content, either in full or partial form; images and logos, whether edited or not; and templates.

If you do wish to use any of the content that is available on GoldBullionReview, then you can simply ask us in advance. We cannot promise to accept all requests and because of the effort we put into making his content unique, we can’t promise that we will allow it to be used elsewhere. But we would appreciate the sentiment and would be more inclined to say yes following such a request.

Changes and consent

By reading the terms listed on this page and continuing to use the GoldBullionReview website, you are automatically giving us your consent for everything described herein. If that should not be the case for whatever reason, then you can simply get out of this website. If so, we would appreciate an email to let us know what issue you had and what you think we can do to resolve it. Our customers’ safety is always at the very top of our agenda.

GoldBullionReview also reserve the right to make changes to these terms as and when we choose. If those changes are significant and impact the way people use this website, then a prior announcement may be made. But if that is not possible or if those changes are small, then no such effort will be made.

Risk and Responsibility

With all forms of investment there is a substantial risk involved. We ask that all readers of GoldBullionReview take this onboard, understanding that during any investment your equity, in its entirety, is always at risk. At GoldBullionReview we aim to make investing easier for you, providing reviews and advices that makes it simpler for you to choose the right dealer and the right investment for you. We may also provide tips on the future of the market and advice regarding its current state. However, these are opinions, not guarantees. All readers should make their own mind up and do their own research and we cannot be held responsible for anything that happens as a result of an investor taking our advice and using this incorrectly, recklessly or without careful consideration.

GoldBullionReview was created with responsible adults in mind and this site should not be used by anyone who is not responsible for their own finances and their own actions.