There is only so much we can cover on GoldBullionReview. We only have so much space and time, but we don’t believe that your education on this subject should end with one website. So, to learn more, checkout the websites below. We visit all of these on a regular basis and they can all be found in our bookmarks folder. As they are incredibly useful to all investors, particularly those interested in gold and other precious metals, you should also look to bookmark all of them.
  • The US Mint: This is the home of American currency, the home of the Eagle and Liberty coins and the home of some of the best bullion in North America. This is the official online base of the United States Mint, a great place to learn about their methods, their programs and their latest releases. There is a lot of history here and the coins produced by the US Mint are some of the most sought-after in the world, which makes this a great starting point for bullion investors and coin collectors, as well as anyone interested in precious metals.
  • The Royal Mint: As the official mint of Great Britain and all of its territories, the Royal Mint is the biggest and the oldest mint in the world. It was from this mint that the Royal Canadian Mint and the Perth Mint were formed, and it is here where everything from the Gold Sovereign and Silver Britannia, to collectible medals and more are produced.
  • The Basics: This is an article on gold provided by, which covers all sorts of topics. There is no bias here and it covers everything you could want to know about this precious metal, and not just its value as a commodity. The history of gold is also discussed and there are many links within the article that are just as helpful. If you like this, then be sure to check out their other articles on everything from silver to investing in general. Think of it like a more official and more controlled version of Wikipedia.
  • Gold as an Investment: Forbes is one of the biggest business magazines in the world and it is the goal of millionaires and billionaires to appear on the many lists that Forbes creates, aimed at the most powerful and the richest people in the world. As gold plays such a big role in the lives of investors, it is featured on many Forbes articles. This one in particular points to an article penned in 2012, one that looks at the value of gold as an investment opportunity. This is one of our favorite articles on the subject, but there are many others throughout the Forbes website.
  • Consumer Information: This links to the Federal Trade Commission and to an article on bullion investing. There are actually many other articles and reports here, covering everything from homes and mortgages to credit cards and more. It is an unbiased, honest review of precious metal investing from an official standpoint.
  • Investopedia: This is a great resource for investment opportunities, especially if you are new to this industry. Investopedia is a complete investment resource that covers everything from precious metals to stocks and shares, binary options and more. There are “What Is” articles on all forms of investing, and these are what introduce many novices to the subject. Investopedia also contains a wealth of articles on individual stocks, methods and more, making this a great site to keep in your bookmark folder.
  • The Good Delivery List: This is a link that points to the London Bullion Market Association and to the requirements needed to get onto their Good Delivery list in particular. This is a list of the best mints and refineries in the world, all of which abide by a certain set of rules that aims to ensure all of their bars are created to a predefined purity, weight and size. You should always look to purchase from a refinery on this list when you are buying in large quantities and all of the best dealers, including the likes of GoldBroker, will only deal with names on this list.
  • Mindat: This is a great resource to learn about gold. It doesn’t just cover basic bullion and coins and looks at the chemical makeup of this element, as well as the ways it is mined and refined. If you want to take a detailed and scientific look at this valuable commodity, then this is the place to do it.