If you want to connect with legitimate companies offering legitimate products and services, then you can trust in the BBB, who have made this their goal. This service lists accredited and legitimate gold dealers, helping to give you a trustworthy source of precious metal bullion. And in this article we’re going to focus on some of those dealers and on the ratings that the BBB gave them.

What Does BBB Accredited Mean?

BBB Accredited Business for Gold Bullion Dealers

Who are the BBB Accredited Gold Dealers ?

Founded in 1912, the Better Business Bureau, often simply known by the initials “BBB”, is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to creating a trustworthy and safe marketplace, giving businesses a way to prove their legitimacy, and allowing customers to shop safely with them. The BBB operates throughout the United States, and while all of the companies on their listed are verified as safe and trustworthy, just because a business is not on this list doesn’t mean they are not safe or trustworthy. In fact, a company needs to apply to be part of the BBB, after which checks are made to ensure that they fit the criteria. If they do not apply (and many businesses do not) then they do not make it onto the list.

For many years, the BBB graded companies as either “satisfactory” or “unsatisfactory”. This changed in 2009 though, and they switched to a graded system, whereby the highest rating was “A+” and the lowest was “F”.

When it comes to bullion, the BBB has graded dozens of offline and online dealers, and two of the online dealers with the highest grades are JM Bullion and SD Bullion.

JM Bullion

Based in Texas, where sales taxes are fairly relaxed concerning precious metals, JM Bullion has been accredited by the BBB since 2014 and has achieved an A+ rating. This is down to the fact that there are very few complaints against the company, and that the ones that have been filed against them have been handled in a responsible and fair manner. The company also advertises fairly, is responsible across the board, and has been operating in this manner for a number of years. All of these factors helped JM Bullion to receive the highest rating provided by the BBB.

When it comes to online bullion dealers, JM Bullion are the standard that many others measure themselves against. They have one of the biggest collections of any online dealer, including a vast collection of silver, gold, platinum and copper. In fact, they are one of the few dealers with copper rounds and bars, and you can buy as much as ten pounds in a single bar.

JM Bullion offer free shipping throughout the United States, so you can order physical bullion without paying over the odds. They stock all major bullion coins and bars, including the Silver Britannia and Gold Panda, and they also have a vast collection of premium coins, old and rare coins, and a great deal more.

SD Bullion

Michigan-based SD Bullion (short for “Silver Doctors”, as the site was established by two doctors with a passion for silver) received an A+ rating from the BBB, which is the highest they offer. SD Bullion serves the local area in Ottawa Lake, as well as the entire state of Michigan and surrounding states. But thanks to their online site, they also serve all of the United States and Canada.

Because Michigan does not charge sales tax on precious metal purchases, SD Bullion are able to sell tax-free silver throughout North America. SD Bullion focuses on silver primarily, but they also sell gold and prepping equipment, including survival gear and ammunition.

They have some of the cheapest silver bullion you will find, including popular bullion coins like the Maple Leaf and Silver Eagle, for close to spot price. SD Bullion also offer fast, cheap shipping, and have one of the largest collections of rare silver coins, rounds and commemorative items.

SD Bullion targets a specific demographic, namely those who fear a collapse of society and want to prepare for the worst, but this is also a treasure trove for silver stackers. However, if you are more interested in gold, platinum and other bullion, then you’re better off with another dealer, such as JM Bullion, because SD Bullion’s options are a little spare in this department.