At GoldBullionReview, we take privacy very seriously. We understand that this issue is always at the top of the agenda for readers, which is why we aim to do what we can to make this a secure and safe site.

Your Information

As a content site, there are no instance in which GoldBullionReview will request your personal details, and we will never request any sensitive or financial details from you. This is because we do not sell a product or a service, we do not ship anything to your home, we do not need to contact you over the phone and we certainly do not need to charge a subscription fee.

There are a few occasions in which GoldBullionReview may receive your details though. These include the following:

  • Emails: There are no contact forms to submit questions or comments and there is no newsletter subscription service. Therefore, the only time we will receive your name and your email address is when you email us directly. If you do this, whether to ask us a question, give us some feedback about the site or make a comment, we will endeavor to keep your details safe and secure at all not.
  • Analytics: GoldBullionReview reserves the right to use analytics software, which is used in one form or another on most websites. This software helps us to understand who is using our site, where they are coming from and what they are doing when they are here. This software allows us to improve the service that we offer and to focus our attentions on the things that you enjoy the most. This software does record some of your data, including your rough location, your browser and the platform that you use, as well as the length of time that you spend on the site. It does not, however, gather any of your personal details.

Your security

Regardless of how we get your details and what details we have, we will always make sure that these are safe. Under no circumstance will we sell, lease, trade or give away these details to a third-party company. They will never be used for marketing and you will never be signed up for periodicals that you did not explicitly request. This applies as much to email addresses and names as it does to analytics data.

In most cases, such as when you send in emails, your details will simply be deleted when they are no longer of use to us. So, after we have reviewed your comment or feedback, or after we have answered your question, then your email address, your name and your email itself will simply be deleted from our servers.

Your consent

By acknowledging the terms listed on this page and continuing to use the GoldBullionReview website you are giving us your consent for them. If, for whatever reason, you do not agree with one or more of these terms, then you may simply close the GoldBullionReview website down. If that is the case then we would appreciate an email to let us know what issue you have. Our goal is to make this a safe, secure and helpful site for everyone and if that is not the case for whatever reason, then we will consider making some changes.

Our cookies

GoldBullionReview does use cookies. These small files are found on most content sites and it is generally believed that they improve the experience for the reader. These cookies also help our affiliates to keep track of customers that signup for their services or buy their products after clicking through from GoldBullionReview.

Our changes

At GoldBullionReview we reserve the right to make changes to these terms if and when we choose. Those changes can be made without the consent of the users of this site, although if those changes are significant, if they have an impact on the way that people use and enjoy this site, then we may make such an announcement. In any case, if you continue to use the GoldBullionReview website once those changes have been implemented on this page, then you are giving your consent for them.

If you would like to discuss these changes with us, or you have anything else to ask about these policies, then please get in touch. You can contact us on: